Tackling the Touchy Things

Hola Bitcholas, Today is a heavy day. Just heavy. By and large, Monday's aren't anyone's favorite, but the news today leaves all of us with a heavy heart. Las Vegas. We had a long discussion this morning in the office about how we wanted to approach today's show. What happened in Las Vegas...
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LISTEN: New Linkin Park Track

Linkin Park has released a new song and announced a new album, One More Light, due out in May. You can listen to the new song, "Heavy," featuring 22-year-old singer Kiiara, below.You may be surprised by the feel of this new release, but keep in mind that the band has a sound that’s constantly...
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Linkin Park Reveals Forthcoming Album Artwork

Linkin Park’s album artwork is here, and they delivered the news in a puzzling way. Literally.This tweet challenged fans to follow their ambassadors in order to piece the below puzzle together.Follow the LP Ambassadors for the answers: https://t.co/wcOC8Rypw3 #LP2017 pic.twitter.com/abb44jHGCK—...
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