Thrill's Big Brown Blog Dunnit

Hola, The classic "who done it?" is alive and well. Or is it "who dunnit"? Either way, a "who done it" is any situation where you know that SOMEONE is responsible for SOMETHING, but you just don't know who...done it. Take the current White House situation. About once every two days there's a new...
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The Prodigy's Blog "Annoying Coworkers"

Work can be a stressful place and sometimes co-workers don't always make it better. Everyone has their own pet peeves, and now there is a new list of the top things that annoy your coworkers. What’s first on the list? Don't Brag. It's great to have plans, but don't be that person who takes it over...
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Video of Classic Steve Migs Moment - Passes Out on the air!! Video of Live TV Water Rescue - Houston Flood 2016 Video of Heh (popcorn hair straightener)
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