The Promise

Rock Blog: Celebrities Further Chris Cornell's Work

Before he passed away, Chris Cornell was deeply involved with a campaign called Keep The Promise, providing support to refugees and children in need. Since his passing, several celebrities have stepped in to further his work, support the mission and spread the word. Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Serj...
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Chris Cornell of Soundgarden at The Promise premiere

WATCH: Chris Cornell's Final Music Video for "The Promise" Released

The final music video Chris Cornell made before his untimely death was recently released. Centered on war and the refugee crisis, the video wraps with a hopeful ending. Cornell wrote “The Promise” for the movie sharing the same name, which covers the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire during...
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Video of Chris Cornell - The Promise (Official Video) Video of Chris Cornell - The Promise (Official Video) (VIDEO) A News Anchor Burps on Air After Eating Cobbler Video of Valedictorian's graduation speech cut off after he criticizes school's administration Video of Jimmy Kimmel...
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Watch Chris Cornell Perform The Promise On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to perform his new solo song " The Promise ." The song was also written for the upcoming Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale film under the same name that tells the tale of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman...
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