Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants You to Brace Yourself

Hola, How the hell was your weekend? Mine was ok. Thanks for not asking. I think the highlight of it all was watching some cartoon with my son (not that part) but one of the characters wears braces. I wasn't paying much attention (because the cartoon was f**king horrible), but at some point, my son...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows What You're Into

Hola, One of the (many, many) beauties of pornography is that pretty much WHATEVER you're into, there's probably a tab for it. You get aroused at the idea of midgets who collect pickle jars? Say no more... there's porn for you. However, according to pornhub.com, (which I'm completely unfamiliar...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Attacks!

Hola, Here we go with the squiggly red line...today was our Random Question Question. Each caller is asked a different, random question. After they share their answer, we reveal the story that inspired the question. Make sense? No? Well... So, a sizable number of the stories we collected over the...
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