4 PNW Double IPAs That Are Changing The Game

I'm a proud hop addict, therefore I live in one of the most spectacular places for getting my fix. Although the IPAs being generated from the PNW tend to draw quite a bit of attention, our Double IPAs are not to be ignored! In my continued quest to taste them all, these front runners have pleased...
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Rock + Beer = Winning Combo!

POWERED BY SUMERIAN BREWING COMPANY When you manage to put two of my favorite things together, I'm instantly your biggest fan. Sumerian Brewing Company nailed it, pairing co-founder Mark Ihrig's love of rock with his love of beer. Clearly we are kindred spirits, because those are two of my biggest...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 3 Breweries To Visit Before 2017

I have a Wreckreation Guide challenge for you! Check out these three breweries before the start of 2017! I picked three I think you'll really enjoy, so take some time to slow down and enjoy a pint while you're running around for the holidays. 1. B-Side Brewing , Woodinville : B-Side brews a couple...
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