Jabroni Journal: Royal Rumble 2017 Predictions

The Royal Rumble is my favorite WWE event. I distinctly remember being a kid and watching Royal Rumble 1995 over and over again. I was hooked from the moment Shawn Michaels – my favorite wrestler at the time – tricked everyone and dangled from the ropes with only one foot, only to jump back in the...
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Jabroni Journal: Money In The Bank Predictions

It’s no secret that the big three events for both the WWE and its fans are WrestleMania, Summerslam and Royal Rumble . These are top events that the company’s yearly calendar seems to be built around. In recent years, though, I have become very fond of Money in the Bank. In 2010, Money in the Bank...
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Migs Blog: MegaCast Chats w/ AJ Francis of the Hawks

So Thee Ted Smith and I do a podcast called The Mega Cast! We love doing it as it “forces” us to make sure we get together and catch up at least once a week. Well... typically we record it on Wednesday afternoons around 11:30am…as my day is concluding and Ted’s day is starting…but every once in a...
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Lifelong Wrestling Nerd

I first fell in love with pro wrestling around the time of Wrestlemania 10, which would make me a fan for the past 21 years. There were times where my fandom waned (i.e. when I discovered chicks) and times when it peaked (i.e. when CM Punk dropped his timebomb), but it's always remained a constant...
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Wrestlemania 32 Weekend

So now that it's been a few weeks and I've had some time to come down off the insane cloud I flew back from Dallas on, I can look back at Wrestlemania 32 weekend and fully appreciate all the awesomeness. First off, much thanks goes to Migs from BJ and MIGS Mornings here on The Rock. If it wasn't...
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Steve Migs Blog 03/01/16 "The Chirping Kid"

In the world of hockey…when you are goofing on someone, flipping them ESS, giving them a hard time (both jokingly or serious) they call it “chirping”. Many hockey players are great at this, just like with any sport…you have your share of great trash talkers. Well I don’t think former NHL great,...
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