Jabroni Journal: Predictions For Clash Of Champions 2016

I'll admit it. I'll be up front and come right out and say it. Thus far, my predictions have been pretty crappy. Within the first few months of Jabroni Journal, I haven't exactly established myself as the most credible source. Understanding this, I have decided to take much more of a step back,...
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Migs Blog: I Heart Wrestling

I know this comes as no surprise, but I am a HUGE fan of the WWE. This has been a great time to be a fan, as all of the new blood that is infiltrating the WWE has made it an exciting product to watch. I finally watched RAW last night… not only did my favorite wrassler Sasha Banks become the WWE...
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Jabroni Journal: Money In The Bank Predictions

It’s no secret that the big three events for both the WWE and its fans are WrestleMania, Summerslam and Royal Rumble . These are top events that the company’s yearly calendar seems to be built around. In recent years, though, I have become very fond of Money in the Bank. In 2010, Money in the Bank...
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