Daniel Makabe

Migs Blog: Daniel Makabe

If you are a fan of wrestling…you need to start paying attention to Daniel Makabe. Who is Daniel Makabe? Well he is one of the best wrestlers in the NW…he’s from New Westminster, BC, and is a fixture at 3-2-1 Battle. The first time I went to a 3-2-1 battle show… I was instantly a fan of Daniel’s…as...
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Jabroni Journal: B-Boy Brings The Pain To 3-2-1 Battle!

Seattle's very own SOLID STEEL independent wrestling promotion 3-2-1 Battle! returns to the Battle Palace (aka Evolve Underground Fitness) next Friday, January 27th ! These events are getting bigger and bigger each time, as the "arena" is starting to get jam packed with rowdy, beer-chugging...
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Jabroni Journal: Support Your Local Wrestling Scene

Video of 3-2-1 RHAPSODY! It’s a crazy time to be a wrestling fan. With WWE evolving into a smarter and more fan-friendly product, Lucha Underground pushing the boundaries of sports entertainment, Ring of Honor coming correct with incredible grappling and high flying action, New Japan making more...
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