20 Years Ago - Foo Fighters & Krist Novoselic Cover Zeppelin at Bumbershoot

Happy Bumbershoot Weekend, Rockaholics! My rad co-worker Steve Migs recently stumbled upon this awesome video - THANK YOU INTERNET - and it's an absolute gem from Seattle's Bumbershoot in 1997. Video of Foo Fighters w/ Barrett Jones & Krist Novoselic - Communication Breakdown (Seattle 1997...
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Migs Blog: Ted & Steve Invade Bumbershoot

You ever just post a dumb tweet, and expect it will get no reaction? I do all the time, and it seems like the ones that I debate deleting right after posting (because it was so stupid) are the ones the get the best reaction. For example….I put this tweet out on Saturday… Yankee Candle is the best...
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