Migs Blog: Lebron The Wrasslin' Fan!

Ok, Lebron James is my new hero. I have always liked Lebron, but for several reason he is becoming one of my favorite athletes. First off, it seems like everyone wants to see him fail...and when he has “failed” (because making it to the finals every year consitutes as "failing" in the eyes of...
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Jabroni Journal: An Extreme Classic

Video of Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn - Hardcore Heaven Welcome to The Jabroni Journal. My name is Kevin Diers and you might know me as the host of Loud and Local Sunday nights here on the Rock, or as one half of Metal Shop. If you've ever listened to one of the shows, you may have noticed me slipping...
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Lifelong Wrestling Nerd

I first fell in love with pro wrestling around the time of Wrestlemania 10, which would make me a fan for the past 21 years. There were times where my fandom waned (i.e. when I discovered chicks) and times when it peaked (i.e. when CM Punk dropped his timebomb), but it's always remained a constant...
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